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Use Of Our Site

You as a user will agree and acknowledge that you will not attempt to determine the source code, transmit, perform, display, reproduce, license, publish, sell or transfer any product, software, services, or information obtained through services or sites for the purpose of your usage of services or sites.


When you initiate your account generation process with us, you shall provide genuine information which is complete, accurate, and latest at that time. This information should be regularly updated on the site. Failure to do so shall be considered as a breach of terms and conditions of Diamspark and may result in immediate termination of your account with us. You will be hereby responsible to maintain the security and privacy of your passwords and other personal information. You hereby agree to not disclose your personal information and passwords to any other person or site. It is a mandate that a person accessing this site is above 18 years of age at the time of purchase or registration.


Once you have placed an order with you, you will receive a confirmation mail from our end. However, this mail will not confirm your order placed with us. Your order will be confirmed after a team member has checked the physical stock and availability of the product ordered. You will be notified regarding your order confirmation and order number hereafter.

Product Accessibility

We, at Diamspark, reserve the rights to stop or discontinue sale and display of any product shown on the website. The stock number shown on the website may not determine the actual stock available in the house. If you place an order for an item which is no more available, our executives will connect with you to discuss and offer available alternatives.

Information Accuracy

Diamspark.com constantly makes efforts to ensure the reliability and accuracy of all the information and statistics provided on its website. However, any information that is available on this website is provided “as is” and Diamspark doesn’t guarantee its authenticity. We do not take any responsibility regarding the completeness, accuracy, legality, reliability, and content of information available on the website.


Diamspark exclusively reserves the rights to deny or cancel any request or order which appears suspicious or fraudulent to us. Our team also reserve the rights to deny login or access, without any prior notice, at our discretion on grounds of any suspicious dealings. Legal actions shall be initiated against the defaulters in all cases.


All the precious stones displayed on this site or offered for sale are laboratory grown. These stones are not natural or mined from the earth’s crust. Diamspark deals in HPHT/CVD polished diamonds, which are manufactured in a man-made world-class facility, equipped with the most advanced technology.