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What Is A Lab-Grown Diamond?

Lab-Grown diamonds are authentic crystallized-carbon diamonds created in a protected laboratory habitat. They possess identical visual, chemical and physical properties as that of a mined diamond and are differentiated only on the basis of their origin.

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real?

Lab-Grown diamonds and real diamonds are chemically, physically and visually identical and are just as solid, however the formation period of the rock takes billions of years for a real diamond and a few weeks for a lab-grown diamond.

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Worth Less Than Mined Diamonds?

Yes, a lab-grown diamond is priced at 20-30% less than a natural diamond, both white and colored. The price for a lab-grown diamond is determined on the basis of its quality with consideration to the market forces. You can check the details of the diamond on the certificate provided to you during the time of your purchase.

How To Differentiate Lab-Grown Diamonds From Natural Diamonds?

Man-made diamonds can only be differentiated from earth mined diamonds using specialized equipment that can detect the minor differences in trace elements and crystal growth.

Using a jewelry loupe lab-created gemstone are almost intractable to distinguish from mined diamonds. Cultured diamonds may demonstrate unalike trace matters than earth mined diamonds, but this does not influence the appearance of the stone.

Basic Difference
Natural Diamond Lab Grown Diamond
Is it Diamond Yes Yes
Chemical Composition Carbon Carbon
Origin of the Diamond Mined From The Beneath The surface of the earth Eco Friendly Diamonds Growing Laboraties
Is it Fake ? No No
Formation Period More Than a Billion Years 30-60 Days
Price Base On The Market Forces & Rarity Of The Stone About 20%-40% Cheaper Than Mined Diamonds
Cut & Polish Same Same
Hardness 10.00 10.00

Why Choose A DiamSpark Diamond?

At DiamSpark, every diamond has quality finishing combined with personal touch. All our diamond seeds have been handpicked to design a meticulous blend of maximum size and brilliance possible. Our lab created diamonds offer excellent value and are more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable quality and size. With DiamSpark gemstones, we provide to our customers, complete details of its origin.

Humans have truly achieved a horizon in disrupting how diamonds have been pursued over the years now. The traditional diamond mining practices have now been replaced by the innovative procedure of creating a diamond in a laboratory setting. Our lab-created diamonds are grown from micro carbon seeds of already existing diamonds. The two processes used to produce lab-grown diamonds are HPHT (high pressure high temperature) & CVD (chemical vapor deposition) using top notch technology in a controlled laboratory set up.

Hpht Method

HPHT stands for 'high pressure, high temperature'. HPHT diamond is created under extreme high pressures in an apparatus within a tiny capsule. Inside the capsule, the diamond powder dissolves in the molten metal flux and further, crystallizes on the seed for its synthetic diamond crystal formation. This crystallization process takes place over a period of few weeks to a month’s time to form one or a few crystals.

CVD Method

CVD stands for 'chemical vapor deposition'. CVD diamond is created inside a carbon gas (such as methane) filled vacuum chamber. A microwave beam inside the chamber further breaks down the gas molecules, so as to attract the carbon atoms onto the diamond seed plates placed below. This crystallization process takes place over a period of few weeks to form one or a few crystals at the same time, however, the quantity of the crystals is proportional to the size of the chamber and the number of seed plates. The crystals formed have rough black graphite edge which is removed using a heat treatment before the faceting of the gem.

Irrespective of the slicing method, lab-grown diamonds possess identical visual, chemical, and physical properties as that of a mined diamond. Moreover, they are environment friendly, requires zero mining, and human labor conflict-free. Lab-grown diamond is a technological achievement with a high value proposition and a high degree of accuracy, and we are proud to be making it an important facet of our business, today.