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Long-standing history


Diamspark is a family-owned company. We initially started as a jewelry manufacturing company and later stepped into the Lab-grown diamond trade. Our collection features a wide range of exquisite lab-grown diamonds in many shapes and sizes. We have been in business for three generations now and have a long-lasting history in trading diamonds.

Our company provides beautiful and elegant diamonds produced in a world-class facility. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology to make High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT), and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamonds. Each gemstone is made with the utmost responsibility to ensure quality, finish, and elegance.

For our customers’ satisfaction, we provide an authentication certificate with every gemstone that holds information about its origin. Reach out to our experts to learn about Diamspark’s collection of lab-grown diamonds.


We strive to raise awareness about Lab-grown diamonds and their benefits. We educate our customers about the deadly origin of natural diamonds and their environmental effects so they can make an informed decision. Diamspark Lab-grown diamonds - An environmentally friendly and conflict-free collection of exquisite gemstones.


Bringing cultured diamonds to the spotlight and making them the ultimate standard for luxury wear in the future. We aim to create awareness about their superiority over conflict diamonds and make diamonds affordable for each society level.