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Long-standing history


DiamSpark is a family run company with a long-standing history in the diamond trade, going back three generations. Originally into jewelry manufacturing, with Diamspark we branched out our dealings in lab-grown diamonds. We offer a wide variety of lab grown diamonds in numerous shapes and sizes.

We promise exquisite diamonds that are made with utmost responsibility. Diamspark deals in HPHT/CVD polished diamonds, which are manufactured in a world-class facility, equipped with the most advanced technology. With DiamSpark gemstones, we provide to our customers, an authentication certificate comprising of complete details of its origin.

Get in touch with our experts to know more about the variety and range of lab-grown diamonds supplied by us.


At Diamspark, our mission is to increase awareness in buyers about the deadly origin of natural diamonds and their effects on the environment and to provide the society with diamonds that are 100% conflict free and much more ecological.


To make Cultured Diamonds an epitome of future of luxury by creating awareness of the superiority of Lab-Created Diamonds over Conflict Diamonds.